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An aircheck of New York's No. 1 radio station, Disco 92KTU (92.3 WKTU-FM/New York) from February 24, 1979

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An aircheck of New York's No. 1 radio station, Disco 92KTU (92.3 WKTU-FM/New York) from February 24, 1979

Published June 22, 2007

"Crap From The Past" is hosted by Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and is heard every Friday night from 10:30 to midnight on KFAI-FM, 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul. It's also rebroadcast on several other affiliates around the globe.


An un-telescoped aircheck of 92.3 WKTU-FM (Disco 92 KTU)/New York City, recorded off air onto a Memorex MRX2 Oxide 120-minute cassette. Cassette supplied by Debbie S. of Austin, TX. Transferred to the digital domain by Ron Gerber, May 2007. Pitch corrected, no noise reduction used. It's remarkable that the tape survived as long as it had, and it was in pretty bad shape in places.

File: cftp-wktu-1979-02-24-2100-2200
February 24, 1979, 9-10 PM
DJ unknown

00:00 DISCO NIGHTS - GQ (1979, Arista, 123 BPM)
00:20 LOVE AND DESIRE - Arpeggio (1979, Polydor, 130 BPM)
03:42 talk break (time is couple of minutes before 9:00 PM)
03:53 GET ON UP (GET ON DOWN) - Roundtree (1978, Island, 107-110 BPM)
10:09 talk break
10:30 DEVILS RUN - Peter Jacques Band (1979, Prelude, 133 BPM)
18:36 talk break
19:01 OUR LOVE IS INSANE - Desmond Child And Rouge (1978?, Capitol)
23:40 YMCA - Village People (1978, Casablanca, 126 BPM)
28:20 LOVIN' IS REALLY MY GAME - Brainstorm (1977, Tabu, 140 BPM)
33:04 talk break
33:14 HEAVEN KNOWS - Donna Summer (1978, Casablanca, 133 BPM)
36:40 talk break (some ads are cut out after break)
36:45 talk break
36:59 I GOT MY MIND MADE UP - Instant Funk (1979, Salsoul, 113 BPM)
46:35 talk break
47:10 TURN ME UP - Keith Barrow (1979, Columbia, 118 BPM)
57:17 MOVIN' - Brass Construction (1976, United Artists, 121 BPM) [thanks to David R for identifying this track]

File: cftp-wktu-1979-02-24-2200-2300
February 24, 1979, 10-11 PM
DJ Randy Place

00:00 MOVIN' - Brass Construction (1976, United Artists, 121 BPM)
00:40 talk break
00:50 HE'S THE GREATEST DANCER - Sister Sledge (1978, Atlantic, 118 BPM)
06:32 talk break
06:46 GET DANCIN' - Bombers (1979, West End, 128-125 BPM)
10:16 talk break
10:40 WHICH WAY IS UP - Stargard (1978, MCA, 105 BPM)
15:51 talk break
16:18 GREAT EXPECTATIONS - First Choice (1979, Salsoul, 127 BPM)
19:43 talk break
19:51 KNOCK ON WOOD - Amii Stewart (1979, Ariola, 139 BPM)
24:03 SOUVENIRS - Voyage (1978, Marlin, 129 BPM)
30:21 DOWN TO LOVE TOWN - Originals (1976, Soul, 123 BPM)
35:00 talk break (splice?)
35:29 DANCE IT FREESTYLE RHYTHM - Mantus (1978, SMI, 132 BPM)
42:51 talk break
43:25 HAVEN'T STOPPED DANCING YET - Gonzalez (1978, Capitol, 136-133 BPM)
47:37 talk break
48:19 LET'S FLY AWAY - Voyage (1978, Marlin, 129 BPM)
52:12 talk break (at 11:00 PM)
52:20 splice
55:28 mixed music begins


Reviewer: queen luna - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 13, 2014
Subject: faaaaabulous!!! a true treasure
I LOOOOOVE disco music! I'm definitely gonna download this in the VERY NEAR future. the sound is very good for a real recording from 1979! two good things came out of this..1. now crap in the past is one of my fav shows to listen to tho I'm in NYC, thank god I can listen HERE. n 2. I'm inspired to do some recorded music uploading myself! THANK U MR. BOOGIEMONSTER! :-D
Reviewer: Argyle D'Chauffer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 18, 2014
Subject: Another Hidden Gem Rescued From Cassette Obscurity
Ron, where do you find this stuff?

Two hours of Disco before it died!

As a high schooler back in the day, I couldn't stand the stuff, or the folks who were into it.

Now, some of it (saved via this unscoped aircheck)can a guilty pleasure on my drive to work!

Radio used to be so good!

Thanks again for what you do!!!
Reviewer: Don-O - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 12, 2013
Subject: Disco history, like it or not.
Being at the age of 16 when disco (well, mainstream exploitation of disco that is) exploded, it was kinda hard to handle all that mess flying over my head and through my ears; among it's riptides, high school was split apart and fighting each other with the standard rocks vs. dancers clique. So I went on my own musical vibe...the closest I came to Disco Segre was with the Xanadu movie....but then, Xanadu was a disco movie with no disco in it...but that's for another argument.

It wasn't until recently that I found the extent of the damage...Disco Radio!! Damn! Glad to see this unedited monster archived here as evidence of this cultural explosion. You can find small pieces of the disco radio format at and do a site search for 'disco'. THIS is as raw and dangerously real as it gets!! Only thing missing are the commercials, but that's a minor point...unless the station' spot had disco BGM.

If you can survive this (the music and the audio quality), you can survive pretty much anything pop culture can throw at you....and have fun, too.

Good damned luck!
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